Wolk After Sales Experts GmbH and BBE Automotive GmbH join forces in automotive expertise for an innovative future

Wolk After Sales Experts and BBE Automotive, two leading market research and consulting firms in the automotive industry, announce the start of their strategic partnership.

With the combined expertise of both companies, a new chapter in the provision of services for the industry is being opened. The partnership aims to merge both companies by January 2025, with Wolk After Sales Experts set to take the lead role.

The official cooperation between both companies begins on January 1, 2024, symbolized and strengthened by the joint use of office space in Cologne.

Both companies have a common origin and a shared history and can proudly point to decades of experience in the automotive aftermarket and an excellent reputation in the industry.

The common endeavor will be to unite the respective strengths through an integrated database. The focus here is particularly on synergies in data generation and processing, as well as the pooling of market research competencies, which will enhance the offerings of both companies.

Antti Wolk, CEO of Wolk After Sales Experts:

“This partnership marks the beginning of an exciting era in which we will jointly elevate market data in the automotive aftermarket to a higher level.”

Gerd Heinemann, CEO of BBE adds:

“In cooperation with Wolk After Sales, we can redefine our national and international expertise in the aftersales sector through innovation and excellence. Different competencies in research and consulting complement each other optimally.”

Efforts will be intensified over the coming months, with the clear goal of completing the merger by the end of 2024. For customers, nothing will change; all the usual contacts will remain.

As part of these changes, Wolk After Sales Expert announces a name change:

As of January 1, 2024, the company will operate as “Wolk Nikolic After Sales Intelligence GmbH.” A name that reflects both the sharpened entrepreneurial focus and ownership. Please note that the business address will change on January 1, 2024.

Both companies are very much looking forward to the intensive collaboration with our current and future customers.


About Wolk Nikolic After Sales Intelligence GmbH (formerly Wolk After Sales Experts GmbH)

“A leading company with extensive industry expertise in the international automotive aftermarket, convincing through innovative solutions and outstanding service in market research and market intelligence.”


About BBE Automotive:

“A renowned research and consulting firm valued for its consulting expertise and valuable data resources, as well as for flexibility and customer orientation in the automotive market.”



Wolk After Sales Experts GmbH:

Fizza Fatima, Marketing Manager

Mail: fizza.fatima@wolk-aftersales.de

Tel: +49 2204 2933000


BBE Automotive GmbH

Michael Borgert, CEO

Mail: mborgert@bbe-automotive.de

Tel: +49 221 93655251

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