At the beginning of 2022 , the wholesalers Aparts (Rotterdam), Jabo-Jagersma (Drachten and Oosterwolde), Record (Utrecht), and Autotechnica (Amsterdam) will switch to Precisium, the wholesale concept of Alliance Automotive Trading (AAT). 

The four wholesalers were all affiliated with the Allparts wholesale concept of Groupauto Nederland. GEA, a car parts wholesaler from Emmen, also switched to Precisium in April. 

The originally France wholesale concept Precisium was introduced to the Dutch market at the end of 2020 by Alliance Automotive Group Benelux (AAGB). It is the concept for free wholesalers who have AAGB as their preferred supplier.  From the beginning of 2022, the network will have a total of 25 wholesalers with 35 branches.

Automotive Werksplaat 03.11.2021