Exploring Key Players and Emerging Trends of the Polish Car Aftermarket

Learn more about the fascinating landscape of the car aftermarket structure in Poland. And dive into the different players, trends and developments shaping the market. Additionally, from independent garages to wholesalers, discover how the market is structured and the opportunities it offers.

“Who’s who” in Polish IAM Parts distribution.

  1. Understanding the Polish IAM Parts Distribution:

    Poland is the 6th largest market in terms of Automotive Aftermarket value. Compared to western European countries the market potential has grown faster.

    When it comes to IAM (Independent Aftermarket) parts distribution in Poland, several influential companies have emerged as dominant players. Above all, one such industry giant is Inter Cars, which holds the distinction of being the third-largest IAM distributor in Europe, surpassed only by LKQ Europe and GPC Europe. Moreover, Inter Cars has played a pivotal role in shaping the entire eastern European aftermarkets market dynamics and driving growth.

  2. The Rise of Auto Partner:

    Another key player that demands attention in the Polish IAM parts distribution scene is Auto Partner. This company has made significant strides in recent years, becoming a force to be reckoned with. In addtion, the latest data for 2022 showcases impressive growth for both Inter Cars and Auto Partner, with sales soaring for both entities. Also, the Inter Cars experienced a remarkable 24.9% increase in sales, closely followed by Auto Partner with a remarkable 25.3% jump. These figures highlight the sustained growth trajectory these companies have maintained in the first quarter of 2023.

    Autopartners growth is not only to explain by a growing polish aftermarket. The company is known for its direct deliveries into several other European countries. A significant amount of their stock is permanently on the road with routes even into Spain.

  3. Opportunities and Developments:

    The remarkable growth of Inter Cars and Auto Partner is indicative of the potential and opportunities present in the Polish car aftermarket. As the automotive industry continues to evolve and consumer demands shift, these companies have demonstrated their ability to adapt and thrive. For instance, by staying at the forefront of emerging trends and technological advancements, they have positioned themselves as leaders in the market.

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The car aftermarket structure in Poland presents a fascinating landscape, teeming with possibilities and powered by key players such as Inter Cars and Auto Partner. As they continue to drive growth and adapt to changing market dynamics, the aftermarket industry in Poland remains vibrant and full of potential. By leveraging resources like Wolk After Sales Experts exclusive posters, industry professionals and enthusiasts can stay informed and make informed decisions in this dynamic market.

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