TEMOT International has increased its already strong footprint in Europe by the admission of a new shareholder: Swedish AB Ernst Hj. Rydahl Bromsbandfabrik, better known as Rydahls, has become part of the value network effective December 1, 2021. In the Nordics, the company is a renowned producer of brakes and braking components for commercial vehicles and belongs to the leading full-range Aftermarket parts suppliers.

Rydahls was founded 1916 by Ernst Hjalmar Rydahl in Karlstad, Sweden, and rapidly developed an enviable reputation for the production and supply of band brakes for horse carriages and cars. In the 60s and 70s, the firm expanded its range to also include parts associated with brake installation. Around the millennium, the company’s expertise in braking solutions increased even further with the acquisition of Hy-Broms, a highly regarded specialist in braking systems.

Today, Rydahls is owned by OEM International, an exchange-listed group with affiliates in 14 European countries, and has become one of the leading full-range parts distributors for CVs in the Nordics, with exceptional know-how in the development and production of brakes and braking solutions in particular for off-road vehicles for use in agriculture, forestry and construction.

Rydahls is active in three business areas: Braking systems for heavy machines and vehicles, braking and friction solutions for the manufacturing industry and spare parts for trucks, busses, and heavy trailers. In the CV segment, it offers a complete assortment of high-quality parts from chosen brands.

The portfolio comprises braking, steering and suspension parts as well as parts for the engine, exhaust, heating, cooling and lighting systems. Lubricants, filters, and chemical products round off the assortment. Thanks to a network of own warehouses in the cities of Karlstad, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Örebro, Linköping, Luleå, Örnsköldsvik, Västerås and Gävle, Rydahls is able to deliver on the spot and in a timely manner.

Temot International 02.12.2021