Automobile group Dallard and the Speedy brand have signed an agreement to take over seven existing centers and to develop the brand in the South West region of France. Dallard was created in 1973 by Guy Dallard and is currently run by his children Philippe and Sophie. The car dealership group operates four concessions in the Toulouse region and on the Basque coast, featuring the Citroën, DS and Suzuki brands. The group also owns four labels, a sports club and now seven Speedy centers.

In fact, the Dallard group has just taken over the units in Toulouse (4 centers), Pau (1 center), Tarbes (1 center) and Anglet (1 center). The contract was signed between Eric Terefenko, president of the Speedy group, and Philippe Dallard, president of the eponymous group. Behind these acquisitions, there is also an ambitious plan for the opening of new centers, several of which will open in 2022. The Dallard group thus becomes a major investor in the Speedy franchise network in France. “Sharing the same values of expertise, quality of service and customer satisfaction, it is only natural that Speedy partners with the Dallard group. With nearly 50 years of experience, the Dallard group enjoys a solid reputation in the Toulouse region and the Basque country, promising expertise and quality advice for all. It is today the reference in the automobile sector with its offer of new and used multi-marque vehicles and 160 employees,” assures Speedy.

Speedy is a fast-fit chain. Each branch specializes in repairing or replacing just a few common spare parts. With around 500 branches, Speedy has the largest workshop network among its Fast-Fit colleagues. In particular, the company specializes in the following repairs: tyres, car glass, oil changes, timing belts, exhausts, shock absorbers, brakes, air conditioning and batteries.

Zepros 04.11.2022