Parts Holding Group PHE

PHE (Parts Holding Europe), is about to be sold. By the end of the month, says Les Echos, one of the two investment funds finalist – CVC or Platinum Equity – is expected to win the round for about 1.4 billion euros. If this is the case, PHE will still not be bought by an industry hub.

The Bain Capital Fund, which holds 91% of its capital since 2015, would finalize negotiations that could lead to the end of the month. Two investment funds, namely CVC and Platinum Equity, would be finalists with a benefit for the first.

It seems in any case that no actor of the play, American or European, is currently in ambush. And if the information of our colleague proves (and they are at least argued), LKQ Europe is no longer the announced buyer of PHE, the dominant thesis for many months.

Apres Vente Auto 22.11.2019