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Tuesday, 12 February 2019 15:22

Everything you need to know about European garages

The "Garage Structure in European Car Aftermarket" report by Wolk After Sales Experts is a valuable tool for any Parts Manufacturer looking to optimize the distribution of its products.  

Wolk As many of the national and European garage service concepts are run by independent distributors, they are the testament to their true marketing power. “After all, it is the garage specialist expertise the end consumer rely on and being able to access the whole garage network through dedicated marketing activity could provide a boost to product sales”, explains Zoran Nikolic, Managing Director at Wolk After Sales Experts.

In 2018 there were 396 garage service concepts in Europe, with 120.000 garages being members of the networks (that's 31 % of all garages). On more general level only 18% of European garages are Original Equipment Services (run by car dealers), while 82% is independent aftermarket operators. Roughly half of them focus on mechanical repairs and maintenance, while one in three is specialized in tyres, auto glass, body and paint repairs or others.

One of the key difference between garages in Europe it the number of cars per 1 garage that varies greatly from country to country. Germany has the highest density of cars per garage, exceeding 1400, followed by the United Kingdom with over 1300 cars per garage. On the other end of the spectrum is North Macedonia (formerly known as Republic of Macedonia) with around 390 cars per garage.

The "Garage Structure in European Car Aftermarket" report is available either as a digital or printed in Wolk After Sales Experts’ webshop.
Last modified on Wednesday, 13 February 2019 12:25