The global supplier of automobile spare part distribution services Lausan has acquired a majority share of Soulima – Comércio de Peças, SA, the Portuguese spare part wholesaler that was a Serca partner since 2014. The news has been released after eight long months of negotiation to “not make mistakes of the past”, as explained by the manager of Lausan, Ander Beldarrain, during the press call in which they have released the news.

According to Lausan, this movement responds to “the changes of a market subject to strong pressures, with a more polarized park and with an increase in logistics, stock and personnel costs. At a time when the structure of the distribution is being questioned. In a moment of concentration in Europe. “

With this acquisition, both companies seek to strengthen their actions and improve customer service generating synergies at a geographical and strategic level: “Faced with a difficult reality to endure the only way to survive is by joining forces,” they said.

Soulima is a dealer, importer and wholesaler based in Lisbon who distributes in the capital of Portugal and its surroundings. Specifically, it has facilities in the Granja Business Park, Vialonga, where the central warehouse and administrative services are concentrated, as well as in the Olival das Minas Industrial Park, Vialonga , where logistics and office services are centralized. Also, with stores in Santo Adrián, Abrunheira-Sintra, Casal de São Brás and Lisbon.

Autopos 09.01.2019