Even though car service portals are being accepted only hesitantly, they still have a remarkable effect already today: they make workshop services more transparent and thus more comparable for car drivers. This is one reason that online bookings of auto-services have become imaginable to many car drivers which is one results of a new study named „After Sales Goes Online” conducted by the automotive consultancy wolk after sales experts.
As one of the last bastions, the internet has now also conquered the motor vehicle service market. Just what car drivers think of online car-service portals and how service and repair behavior will change in the future is addressed in wolk after sales experts new study „After Sales Goes Online”.
These new car service portals do not only offer new possibilities to car drivers, but also to industry, garages and parts wholesalers.
The focus is on market size and market potentials, as well as on reputation, on the selection of online portals and on the demands of potential internet customers. The further the online service market develops, the further does its transparency. According to the study this does not only hold true for pricing policy, but also for the rating of the quality of parts and services offered by these garages, the type of garage, their appointment availability, and their location.

Car drivers’ general online expenditures to rise by 11 percent

For the study at hand, in August 2012, a total of 1.062 car drivers have been interviewed in an online survey. The car drivers, which are responsible for the maintenance of their vehicles, were questioned with regard to their future-use of car service online portals, their preferential booking methods, and the most important criteria when it comes to selecting a workshop. The results underline the strong growth potential of car service market places in the internet. According to the study, today, internet-oriented car drivers spend an average of 830 Euros per year for products and services (not only automotive) and almost two working days per week on the world wide web. In the future, these online spendings will rise by eleven percent. As the study furthermore shows, 35 percent collect information on service range and qualification of workshops from the internet already today.


Another central result of this study is that 60 to 70 % of the interviewed car drivers can imagine to book car services online in the nearer future.

In accordance to the examination of the most influential effects of car service online portals on the different target groups and the various car-driver-service-typologies, wolk after sales experts study „After Sales Goes Online” offers precise support to the after sales sector concerning this process of change.
The study, covering 190 pages, will be available in English language from April 15th, 2013 on as online-flipbook (price: 2,450 €). In addition to the study, wolk after sales experts offers special workshops focussing on the e-commerce and online topics. The consultancy has already counselled and supported renowned aftermarket customers to implement and optimize their online activities. wolk after sales experts’ specialists have an intrinsic and longstanding practical knowledge of the European automotive aftermarket which is supported by an extensive European aftermarket-database.

More information here: https://www.wolk-aftersales.com/after-sales-goes-online-report.html

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