On the 24th August, 2017 wolk after sales experts participated in the conference “Autoservice 2017” in Moscow, organized by ITEMF Expo and AM Conference and supported by our Partner – analytical agency Autostat. The conference took place in conjunction with MIMS AUTOMECHANIKA.
The main focus of presentations and discussion was the general situation in the auto service market in Russia, its trends and strategies, used by some market players.
There were about 300 guests, who took part in the conference, – representatives of Russian Automotive Aftermarket: owners of garages, distributors, disposers/members of garage marketing concepts and others.
Zoran Nikolic, Senior Consultant by wolk after sales experts, shared our expertise in the European Aftermarket and made a presentation about the autoservice market in Europe, its current developments and trends. The discussion was especially interesting and useful for the participants as they could consider European best practice for implementation – some current developments in the European market are only expected to take place in the future in Russia.

Among the other speakers there were representatives of Groupauto Russia, Bosch Auto Service, Yandex (auto.ru), Fit Service, Ford Sollers Holding, Bosch Car Service etc. They shared some relevant business cases and business ideas, which helped them to achieve a success.
At the end of the conference all participants could take part in the debate, dedicated to pro and contra arguments of being a member of a garage marketing concept*

*unlike West Europe, in Russia the share of garages that are members of certain garage marketing concept is very small – about 3-5%.