llAcquisition Alert: AAG UK Adds Reid for Speed Ltd to Portfolio

In a significant development indicative of its strategic growth trajectory, Alliance Automotive Group UK (AAG UK) has made a noteworthy stride by completing the acquisition of Reid for Speed Ltd. This Aberdeen-based, single-branch automotive enterprise, boasting a commendable track record of approximately £2.5 million in sales and a dedicated team of 12 proficient employees, now finds itself under the esteemed umbrella of AAG UK’s portfolio. Notably, Reid for Speed aligns seamlessly with the operational ethos of Groupauto UK & Ireland, further solidifying its position within this esteemed automotive network. This acquisition serves as a testament to AAG UK’s continued commitment to enhancing its industry presence and fostering synergistic partnerships.

Expansion Continues: AAG UK Successfully Acquires Ellis Autoparts Ltd and Smiths Autoparts Ltd

Additionally, the Alliance Automotive Group UK UK has also completed the acquisition of Ellis Autoparts Ltd and Smiths Autoparts Ltd. Ellis Autoparts is a single-branch business located in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland, with approximately £0.7 million in sales and 7 employees. Smiths Autoparts, based in Nantwich, is another single-branch business with around £0.7 million in sales and 10 employees. Both of these businesses are existing members of either GROUPAUTO or United Aftermarket Network (UAN).