Alliance Automotive Group UK, a leading distributor of automotive parts and services, has made an exciting announcement regarding its recent acquisition of Express Factors Sevenoaks Ltd. As an existing member of the United Aftermarket Network (UAN), this strategic move demonstrates AAG UK’s commitment to expanding its market presence and enhancing its offerings. Let’s delve deeper into the details of this acquisition and its implications.

The Acquisition:

Express Factors Sevenoaks Ltd, founded in 1994 by Maria and Paul Peacock, has established itself as a reputable distributor in the automotive industry. Additionally, the company also operates under the name Palmar Motorcycles and is located in Sevenoaks, Kent. So, with an impressive sales figure of approximately £3.8 million and a dedicated workforce of 22 employees, Express Factors Sevenoaks Ltd has built a strong foundation in the local market.

Implications and Benefits:

This acquisition marks a significant milestone for AAG UK as it expands its portfolio of acquired companies. By integrating Express Factors Sevenoaks Ltd into its network, Alliance Automotive Group UK strengthens its position as a leading distributor in the UK automotive aftermarket.

Furthermore, the acquisition brings several benefits to both parties involved. Express Factors Sevenoaks Ltd gains access to a larger customer base and an extensive product range through AAG UK’s established distribution network. Above all, this enables the company to offer a broader selection of automotive parts and services to its customers, enhancing their overall experience.

For AAG UK, the acquisition provides an opportunity to tap into Express Factors Sevenoaks Ltd’s expertise and local market knowledge. The addition of Express Factors Sevenoaks Ltd to their existing network enhances their geographic coverage and enables them to better serve customers in the Kent region.

Future Plans:

In addition, with the completion of this acquisition, AAG UK is poised for further growth and expansion. The company plans to leverage the synergies between its existing operations and the newly acquired business to drive innovation and improve customer satisfaction. Moreover, the integration process will involve the alignment of operational processes, the sharing of best practices, and the implementation of effective distribution strategies.


AAG UK’s acquisition of Express Factors Sevenoaks Ltd signifies an exciting development in the automotive aftermarket industry. Additionally, the acquisition expands the company’s market presence, strengthens its distribution network, and enhances its product and service offerings. So, both AAG UK and Express Factors Sevenoaks Ltd are poised for a successful partnership that will benefit customers and drive growth in the future.