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Product information

Car parts distributors in europe

This Din A0 poster is an ideal support to get a clear overview about the largest independent car parts distributors in Europe at a glance and should not be missed in your conference room.
The poster shows the largest independent (IAM) car parts distributors in Europe excluding OES parts distributors, auto centers, rack jobbers, DIY stores and online shops.
Further, it illustrates the relations between the distributors and the trade & buying groups. You will easily see who are the biggest players and which wholesalers belonging to a group like LKQ, Alliance Automotive Group, or Autodis. 

You find easily on this poster:
  • Who are the most important distributors for car parts in Europe?
  • Which distributors are belonging to the mother company?
  • In how many countries are they acting?
  • To which trade and buying group do they belong? (Temot, Autodistribution International, ATR, Nexus, Groupautounion, Globalone)
  • Top 10 ranking by size, the number of employees and the number of outlets.
The size of the circle corresponds to the turnover of the company.
The color shows the affiliation to one of the international trade and buying groups.
Each company is represented by a short profile which includes the following information:
  • Address
  • Managing director
  • Employees
  • Outlets
  • Turnover (As up-to-date as possible at the time of publication)
  • Countries (Number of countries in which the company operates)

Single order: 85,- EUR (excluding VAT, packaging and shipping costs)
Poster and PDF 120,- EUR (excluding VAT, packaging and shipping costs)
NOTE: Sales only to corporate clients possible

Please contact us if you like to order more than 10 posters or if you like to have a customized poster.

DIN A0 Poster, 4 colors, 250 g

PDF (only available in combination with the poster)