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Format: PowerPoint Charts in PDF
Edition: 2022
Language: English
The first edition of this study was produced with the support of VDAT (Association of Automobile Tuners e.V.), AvD (General Traffic Club of Germany), the Automechanika Frankfurt trade fair, Premio Reifen- und Autoservice, Vogtmann & Herold and FSP partner, Expert office Hundt. This provides comprehensive and reliable data on this emotionally charged market for car tuning and customisation in Germany.
As part of the tuning study, 1,000 car drivers, more than 100 drivers of tuned cars and more than 30 manufacturers were asked about their attitudes and specific behaviours. In addition, the players and their presence in social media were comprehensively analysed. The results show that the scene is characterised by models from the German manufacturers BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, and Mercedes. In addition to the production of vehicle manufacturers' own performance lines, the study reveals a tuning market with a volume of over 2 billion euros in Germany alone. Wheels/tyres and chassis components account for the largest share of this.

Comprehensive Agenda tailored for the tuning market in Germany:
• Topics - delimitation, market segmentation, market volume
• Image of the tuning scene - What does the public think of the scene?
• Vehicle population in Germany - Where is the tuning potential?
• Description of the tuning scene - activities, attitudes, communication
• Players in the tuning industry - manufacturers, workshops, retailers, influencers, details of brands
• Challenges for the tuning industry

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