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Freitag, 19 Dezember 2014 13:46

Importance of Remanufacturing

The European Commission (EC) has initiated an important call to all APRA Europe members. This invitation shows very clear that the EC is more and more aware of the importance of remanufacturing. APRA Europe attended the kick-off meeting of the EC “Technical Working Group” that relates to best environmental management practice (BEMPs) in the car manufacturing sector. The participation of APRA Europe had the benefit that APRA were able to demonstrate remanufacturing in official documents and projects of the EC which is now preparing corresponding guidelines.
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Wolk after sales experts, the newest member of the Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA), was present on APRA´s European exhibition & symposium in Milano Marittima on Italy´s coast between Ravenna and Rimini.
From May, 21st to 23th, we had the chance to follow a number of presentations and get in contact with important reman market players during the exhibition, the workshops and evening networking activities.
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Mittwoch, 14 Mai 2014 17:34

APRA - European Remanufacturing Symposium

APRA Europe organises a Remanufacturing Symposium in the region of Rimini in from May 21st to 23rd 2014.
Besides the Symposium many companies will show their products and services on the APRA exhibition.

Wolk after sales experts will visit the APRA European Remanufacturing Symposium to promote the remanufacturing survey for the European market.
As a new member of APRA we are planning an extensive survey of the European Reman market.

The study will analyze the market potential of the main remanufacturing products and highlight recent and prospective remanufacturing trends for the next years.
Due to considerable costs involved, wolk after sales experts GmbH is looking for industry partners to invest in this unique project.
We hope to meet many interesting reman networkers in Rimini.

For more information please contact us during the APRA event in Italy or send an email to

Information about the symposium.
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Donnerstag, 24 Oktober 2013 11:52

REMANufacturing auto parts – a successful story?

The European aftermarket for car components is facing immense challenges. In this market, still dominated by new parts, remanufactured auto parts will gain a strong market relevance in the next years. 

Montag, 03 Juni 2013 09:32

REMAN market survey for Europe

Recent market data as a basis for strategies for the reman industry
The European aftermarket for car components is facing immense challenges. In this market remanufactured parts will have strong market relevance in the next years.
Company wolk after sales experts intents to analyze the growing market of reman products with an European market expertise.

Helmut Wolk, CEO of company wolk after sales experts observes a clear demand by the parts manufacturer for intensified reman activities in the aftermarket.
Activating factors are increasing achievements by remanufacturers, the growing margin pressure within new parts and requests by the European commission for a better life-cycle process and ecology in the aftermarket for car parts.

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