Truck Parts Distributors in Europe 2019

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The 5th edition of „Truck Parts Distributors in Europe” paints the landscape of this particular segment of Independent Aftermarket in 2019. The distribution of automotive parts to Heavy-Duty Vehicles and Buses constitutes a different business ecosystem from the rest of the car aftermarket, with highly specialized enterprises from the parts manufacturers through distributors all the way down to garages and fleet operators.

"Truck Parts Distribution in Europe 2019” content highlights:

  • TOP 20 international truck parts distributors
  • TOP 14 international garage marketing systems
  • International Trade Groups involvement in truck parts distribution
  • 35 European countries overview
  • 74 tables
  • 45 graphs
  • 355 profiles of truck parts distributors

Each of 355 company profiles includes:

  • Name
  • ITG affiliation (if applicable)
  • Turnover
  • Business fields
  • Number of outlets
  • Number of employees
  • Address (Street, Zip code, City)
  • Contact person (position, e-mail, phone and fax numbers)

: Available as PDF file or hard copy (additional 95 €)


NUMBER OF PAGES: 304 pages (including cover)

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