The "Who is Who" of the truck parts distributors in Germany 2017

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This Din A0 poster is an ideal support to get a clear overview at a glance and should not be missed in your conference room.

You see easily the current situation (01.12.2017) and the relations of the most important truck parts distributors in Germany:

You find easily on this poster:

  • Who are the truck parts distributors in Germany?
  • To which trade and buying group do they belong?
  • Which trade and marketing concepts are used in the market?

The size of the circle corresponds to the turnover of the company.

The color shows the affiliation to one of the international trade and buying groups.

Each company is represented by a short profile which includes the following information:

  • belongs to
  • Address
  • Cooperation
  • Garage marketing systems
  • Outlets
  • Employees
  • Total turnover
  • Share of truck parts
  • Turnover truck parts
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