Car parts webshops in Germany 2015

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This report is aimed to give the reader an overview about the most important marketparticipants in the automotive e-commerce segment in Germany. Whereby this report is mainly focused on the B2C webshops for car components (parts, tyres, accessories). That means we did not look for shops selling parts for motorcycles, trucks or other vehicles. This report contains also some specialised shops which do sell a certain range of products (e.g. oil/chemicals, brakes, batteries, accessories).

Additionally we did look into the relevant marketplaces. We have not taken into account the pure B2B webshops because there is no clear separation to the online catalogues of the established car parts distributors. But many of the B2C webshops offer also B2B accounts.

Besides the collection of the relevant webshops we have gathered some key findings about the e-commerce market for automotive parts.

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