AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS - 2017. Motor oils: car owners preferences

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Published: 31.10.2017
Publisher: Autostat
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We present a new marketing report from the series "AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS". This time, the subject of research was the preferences of car owners, when choosing and using motor oils.

The survey involved more than 3,000 Russian motorists, who own cars of 2016 year of issue and older. 90% of them are men, because they are basically the persons making decisions about the repair and maintenance of the car. The sample was formed on the basis of the current structure of the active park of the Russian Federation. During the selection there were taken into account the age of the car, type of manufacture (a foreign / Russian brand), and also a region of residing of the respondent.

The first part of the report contains a detailed description of the sampling and methodology features, by which the calculations were made.

The second part shows the results of a survey on the brand recognition of motor oils (zero-measure and with a hint).

The third part covers a wide range of issues related to the use of motor oil. It covers the following indicators:

  • purchased oils for the last 3 years;
  • brand, type and viscosity of the currently used oil;
  • reasons for choosing;
  • quality control;
  • quality assessment criteria.

The fourth part presents the results of a study concerning the refilling of motor oil in the period between changing. Respondents noted whether they have such a need. They also indicated the approximate amount that was required for refilling, and answered whether they buy a new oil package for it.

The fifth part of the report reveals the topic of motor oil change. In this part of the questionnaire, the survey participants indicated, on which criteria they rely to determine the period of oil change; they also noted the frequency and preferred places of replacement.

The sixth part presents the data on the net promoter score (NPS) for motor oil brands.

The seventh part of the report is fully devoted to the plans of car owners for the purchase of motor oil in the future and their preferences in this regard.

There is considered the following list of indicators:

  • place of purchase;
  • the importance of various criteria in the selection of oils;
  • packed or draft motor oil;
  • purchase price range;
  • considered brands;
  • repeated purchase;
  • reasons for changing the brand of oil;
  • behavior in the buying process;
  • opinion on the effectiveness of protection measures against counterfeit.

The eighth part of the report includes the indicators that are useful for building an advertising campaign for oil brands. Respondents answered questions about what kind of advertising they had seen recently and in what sources, and also assessed the popular types of promotion actions and the importance of various sources of information on the Internet.

The final part of the report presents more detailed research data on 15 brands of motor oils*

* The list is formed on the fact of the conducted survey and represents the TOP-15 brands, which were indicated as used at the time of the survey by more than 1% of respondents.

Based on the results of the online survey, there were thoroughly studied the processes of selection, purchase and operation of motor oils. On the part of the questions, the report includes the additional details in the context of one or more of the following groups for understanding the characteristics of the choice of respondents from these groups:

  • price segment of the car (Russian, mass foreign cars, premium brands);
  • country of origin of the car brand (American, European, etc.);
  • age of the car;
  • respondent's region of residence
  • and some others.

In the future, the agency "AUTOSTAT" plans to conduct the omnibus research of motor oils on annual basis, which will allow participating companies to monitor the change in performance over time and adjust their promotion strategies.

The results of the study are presented in a PDF report format with additional detail in the form of XLS tables.

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