AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS - 2017. Car tires: preferences of car owners

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Published: 23.11.2017
Publisher: Autostat
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"AUTOSTAT OMNIBUS - 2017. Car tires: preferences of car owners" - marketing report, which covers a wide range of issues on the selection and evaluation of the tire quality by Russian car owners.

As an investigation method, an online survey was selected. It was attended by 3,000 motorists that use cars of 2017 and earlier. The share of men was 75%. There were also established quotas to obtain results, reflecting the structure of the active Russian fleet according to the age criteria of cars, the type of production and the geography of residence of respondents. All participants in the study are decision-makers about the purchase of tires. The questions of the questionnaire were formulated in such a way that the respondents gave answers, estimated both summer and winter tires.

The first part of the report contains a description of the sample, as well as the methodology, by which the calculations were made.

The second part is devoted to the theme of the recognition of car tire brands. In particular, respondents indicated 3 brands, which they remembered first (without a hint). Then they chose familiar brands from the number represented on the screen (knowledge with a hint).

The third part contains information on the selection and exploitation of winter and summer tires, which respondents used at the moment of the study. It contains the following indicators:

• brands of summer and winter tires that car owners have ever bought;

• presence or absence of a winter tire set (reasons for not buying);

• reasons for tire brands choosing;

• evaluation of satisfaction with tires;

• ways of tire wear tracking;

• periodicity of tire pressure checking.

The fourth part includes the net promoter score (NPS) for the most popular brands of summer and winter tires, which were used by car motorists during the interviews.

The fifth part of the report contains information related to the process of tire buying. It also lists a number of indicators:

• The frequency of purchase and time of previous purchase of tires;

• The place of the previous purchase of tires and the variants of the places of purchase in the future;

• Plans for tires buying in the coming year;

• The recognition of specialized tire stores;

• The importance of recommendations, technical characteristics and various parameters when choosing tires;

• The interest in an extended warranty;

• The price range for the next purchase of tires;

• The brands of summer and winter tires, considered for purchase in the future;

• The re-purchase index.

The sixth part of the report is devoted to advertising and promotion of tire brands. To prepare it, the questionnaire included such questions as: advertising of which brands have you seen recently and in what sources? In addition, the study participants also noted which of the existing Internet sources, in general, and web sites, in particular, are the most useful for them when searching for information about tires. This part also contains ratings of promoting actions and additional services offered by tire centers, compiled in accordance with the degree of interest of the respondents in them.

The seventh part of the report allows you to learn more about the indicators, calculated in the course of the study, by each of 10 specific tire brands.

Correspondence of the structure of the received questionnaires to the active car fleet of the Russian Federation permitted to obtain a complete picture of the consumer preferences of the car owners during exploitation, selection and purchase of tires. On the part of the indicators, the report also presents the distributions by country of car origin and geographic area, which help to assess the existing differences within these groups of consumers.

AA "AUTOSTAT" plans to carry out an omnibus study of the preferences of car owners on tires annually to obtain the dynamics of indicators over time.

The results of the study are presented in a PDF report format with additional detail in the form of XLS tables.

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