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Goals of potential analyses

  • Identification of potentially strong undeveloped zip code areas
  • Specification of deviations between brand split in the catchment area and at the site
  • Assessment of market shares by 5-digit zip code in the catchment area
    (Prerequisite: turnover identification by 5-digit zip code)
  • Development of an annual plan of measures and delegations plus activity planning
  • Control measures in transactions with private and industrial customers
  • A basis for a competition analysis (competition data fed from the central data bank)
  • Reduced advertising dispersion cost: targeted utilization of workshop marketing instruments
  • Rating basis for negotiations with banks
  • Search for locations, shifting of locations
  • Field-work control

An example of analysis, planning & implementation solutions

Step 1: Catchment area & potential assessment plus brand split


Specification of the catchment area on the basis of a map 

We propose three options for marking out of the catchment area:

  • wolk after sales experts specify the catchment area on the basis of empirical values.
  • The car workshop informs us of the location and the catchment area with reference to neighboring zip code areas on the basis of empirical values.
  • The car workshop sends us an Excel list of service turnovers by 5-digit zip code areas.
    wolk after sales experts guarantees confidentiality of data through a non-disclosure declaration provided to the car workshop.

Potential assessment within the catchment area


The passenger car populations provided by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (Kraftfahrt-Budesamt) are fed by Wolk into the defined catchment area

The passenger car populations are multiplied by replacement-demand factors (EUR demand or units per passenger car/year).

These may be turnovers (turnover at end-user prices exclusive of VAT) or also individual product volumes.
The result is a map into which the annual sales potential values by 5-digit zip codes are entered.
Dark blue = high potential, light blue = low potential.
In addition to the catchment area, also the potential of the neighboring zip code areas is depicted. In this way, the car workshop may see whether interesting zip code areas might be developed also beyond the core catchment area.

Brand split in the catchment area vs. the national area and vs. brand split of the car workshop markensplit

The list shows whether the composition of the passenger car population in the catchment area varies from the national average.
When compared by your workshop with your turnover by brand, the list may be a source of important operating alternatives for future market orientation.



Step2: Turnover, market share and competition analysis

umsatzverteilungMarket share analyses of car workshops

The car workshop sends to wolk after sales experts, on a non-disclosure basis, a turnover list by 5-digit zip code in the form of an Excel sheet. The list shows only service station turnover w/o car sales by 5-digit zip code. The workshop may also send to wolk after sales experts a list of individual customers by 5-digit zip code.
wolk after sales experts signs a non-disclosure declaration and submits it to the car workshop.


Market share analysis of car workshops by 5-digit ZIP codes


Turnovers per zip code are set against potentials in order to assess the workshop’s market shares by zip code. On the basis of the color indication, the workshop may easily recognize in which zip code area its market share is high (dark green) or low (red).



Comparing market share and potential analyses

The arrow-marked areas show a high potential. Nevertheless, the car workshop’s market share there is low. Intensified sales efforts are necessary here. Comparison of the market share map with the potential map.

The market shares are compared with potentials. This is a fast way to establish which zip code areas show a need for action. These zip code areas are marked in the map with arrows


Catchment area competition analysis

here presented as neutral; the analysis shows the name of the brand or concept

In order to develop an action plan, however, the car workshop needs more information about the competition, for instance that zip code regions with the strongest potential, in which the workshop still has a low market share, show a strong population of competitors. Here, this is not the case. Nonetheless, before launching of intensified sales or advertising measures, one should acquire in-depth information on the competition.
The competitors are fed into the map. Also industrial parks are indicated in the catchment area as grey fields. A high passenger car ratio of the local employers shows that turnover success might soon be achieved in such a park.
Please contact wolk after sales experts in order to learn how to know how to handle these industrial parks effectively.


Step3: Optimization of advertisement activities

Optimization of advertising dispersion costs Optimierung der Werbestreukosten

Optimization of advertising dispersion costs is implemented for the following cases:

  1. You have already been actively advertising and wish to check whether your advertising commitment might be optimized

  2. You intend to activate your sales and with to know in which regions your advertising measures should cover.


Shifting of advertising dispersion cost. Quite often in the case of actively advertising car workshops, the mere annual saving potential itself exceeds the cost of this analysis.Advertising measures should always be intensified in zip code regions with a strong potential and low market shares.
Regions with weak potential may more easily be neglected.
It often also leads to shifting of advertising intensity on account that the advertising cost is too high vs. the turnovers.



Step 4: Growth plan

Development  of a growth plan for the car workshop

A short-term and medium-term growth plan is developed, which takes into account both the workshop’s turnover and gross profit targets.

Development of a sales promotion plan

On the basis of the growth plan, priorities are specified for an action plan (who does what until when?)
On the basis of prior analyses, the consultant prepares measures and develops the growth plan together with the workshop manager. This session leads to an action plan, including a timetable and a to-do list


Note: More and more often, banks require for their rating interviews a proof of annual action planning over the last three years, in the current year, and in the years to come. It is of particular importance for the bank whether the workshop is able to prove credibly its growth. In some of the federal states (Bundesländer), potential analysis and mutual implementation with the employees are supported through consulting grants (Beratungszuschüsse).


Step 5: Implementation of activity

Implementation assistance (Team Workshop)

In operational practice, implementation of measures is always a bottleneck. Therefore, in the initial phase it often needs the hand of a competent external consultant. The objective, however, is always to let the car workshop implement the activities on its own.

The “Team Workshop“ has proved to be a very successful tool for the start, which from the very beginning integrates all employees in goals, concepts and implementation measures.
In the Team Workshop, the team works on the measures on its own and specifies the priorities, timetable and to-dos individually. The consultant acts as a host and makes sure that the plans are then put into effect.  
The consultant conducts the evening session of the Team Workshop on the site and then follows up the implementation on the phone and intervenes as a controller as appropriate.