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Wednesday, 05 December 2018 14:28

Wolk After Sales Experts opens the China office

Since the beginning of November, the Wolk After Sales Experts team operates on a new market, with local office opened in Shanghai, China with local experts responsible for China and Asia markets. The new capabilities were premiered on Automechanika Shanghai trade fair (28.11-1.12.2018).  

Wolk After Sales Experts’ history begun back in 1994 in the town of Bergisch Gladbach, a suburb of Cologne. Nearly 25 years ago it was a different world – the Cold War was just over and Germany was still adjusting after recent reunification. Flash-forward to 2018 and Wolk After Sales Experts are working for automotive industry and independent aftermarket operators on the European level. But in coming decade covering 35 countries – from Ireland and Portugal to Russia – won’t be enough. There is one country beyond Russia with one of the most important automotive markets in the world even though it wasn’t the case just 25 years ago. “All the automotive players are present in China, while China car parts and vehicle manufacturers are curiously looking at Europe. Opening our office in China was the logical step to bring in those two worlds together. Now we can help the European clients with detailed insights about China domestic market while at the same time providing Chinese clients a true window into European automotive industry” said Antti Wolk, Managing Director at Wolk After Sales Experts.

In Shanghai office, with the view of famous city’s skyline, there is a team of 3 led by Wayne Yao, Managing Director For China and Asia at Wolk After Sales Experts. “With over 10 years of experience in automotive industry consulting in China, Wayne Yao is an invaluable addition to our company. He distinguished himself already as a speaker during our Aftermarket Forum, an event we held in April in Essen, Germany”, continues Zoran Nikolic, Managing Director of Wolk After Sales Experts.

It is a step-up for me and an opportunity to work with industry leaders from Europe. I have full confidence in my strong local Chinese contacts portfolio allowing me both transforming it into a client database and valuable source for market research”, explains Wayne Yao.

In 2019 the main focus of Wolk After Sales Experts in China and Asia will be providing market research and consulting services while proactively looking for customers interested in precise and verified with German-style meticulousness data about European automotive market. “Our key message is – we are in China now, providing the same highest level of service and reliability as we do in Europe”, summarizes Antti Wolk.

Wolk After Sales Experts Shanghai Office:
Address: 12th Floor, No.10 Buildiing, No. 1988, Gonghexin Rd, Shanghai, China
E-mail: china@wolk-aftersales.com
Last modified on Thursday, 06 December 2018 11:32