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Car parts webshops in Germany

The so-called internet age is by now 20 years old already. Still, the importance of the internet as a sales channel started off only with the growing popularity of eBay in Germany. From around 2002 on, the auto parts trade has been represented to a greater extent. It has become a mass phenomenon only in the last years, so that the sales of car components (parts, tires, accessories, chemicals) through the internet now amounts to an estimated total of more than 2 billion Euros. Still today, the eCommerce segment shows double digit growth rates and is not nearly saturated yet. It can also be observed that now the first dominant players are starting to evolve. These can already generate profits of a range similar to some of the classical parts dealers.

autoteile online marktplaetzeThe two major market places, eBay and Amazon, are also factors that shape the market and will be keeping it in motion in the future.
eBay Motors, for example, has an estimated total turnover of approximately 980 million Euros with car parts and accessories. With the integration of maintenance and repair services eBay targets entirely new customer groups. In the segment of car parts, Amazon is still lagging far behind. However, the company is growing at a rapid pace, so that in a not too distant future, another big player will evolve, which knows how to meet the customers needs concerning convenience and confidence.

About the new sales channel there have sometimes completely new, unknown and smaller market participants managed to reach sales figures that were only previously denied the large market. Via this new sales channel, completely new or small and unknown competitors have been able to enter the market and achieve profits that range in dimensions that were up to then only attributed to the big players.
Of course, the established parts wholesalers are active, too, but they do not wish to focus on their renowed brands. Unfortunately, we don't have any official or validated information that could allow an overview on such affiliations.

Most of all, chains with an internal branch system have the enormous potential to interlink their online trading activities with the offline system in a lucrative way. It is therefore time to keep an eye on the eCommerce market as a sales channel and to describe it - just like our experts at Wolk after sales have been evaluating the entire automotive aftermarket for many years. This report aims at them representing and describing the biggest players in the German online market and at systematically classifying. This gives interested readers access to a good overview of this market segment and helps to establish more transparency.

Since the exact sales figures are almost inaccessible, several determinants and aspects were included to guarantee a valid assessment here. The quoted sales figures are therefore to be treated with caution and care. We have therefore deliberately refrained from overloading this report with too many figures on market volumes concerning individual product groups. Nevertheless, our tools can help answering your questions as to market volume of individual products and product groups that are realised online.
I keep an open mind for your comments questions and suggestions and am looking forward to exchanging with you personally.   

Car parts webshops in Germany
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