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Automotive Market Intelligence, Analysis and Research
Market intelligence

Individual market information and market analysis concerning the European Automotive Aftermarket.

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Automotive Aftermarket Car Consulting

New trends and customer expectations require intensive counseling and a well- adjusted methodology.


Efficient knowledge communication and competent and professional trainings/workshops.

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car aftermarket in china 2019

The Car Aftermarket in China

The average age of passenger cars in China now reached 5 years and will continue to increase in the future. This will lead to a growing number of car-related services no longer covered by vehicle manufacturer's warranties. Thus creating a huge demand gap in the aftermarket services of car repair and maintenance to be filled. Besides, China plays an increasing role in the development of alternative power trains and digital application systems. After the first half of 2019 3,4 million new energy vehicles (NEVs) were registered in China, making it the biggest NEV parc worldwide.

The "Car Aftermarket Report" contains 4 main chapters:

  1. General Market Situation
  2. Chinese Aftermarket at a Glance
  3. Most Important Market Players
  4. Trends and Influence Factors

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after sales access cockpit

After Sales ACCESS Database

Now online available!

With the high dynamics in the aftermarket, a constantly updated overview of the markets is more important than ever.
With the After Sales ACCESS Database, you get a tool for permanent insight into market structures and market participants for the daily work as well as strategic planning.

This database will be a great support to your business if you are facing any of those tasks:
  • You need future orientation for your business in the European market
  • You need a second and neutral opinion about certain markets
  • For optimizing your sales steering in European countries
  • To calculate your market potential and market share for the regions of your regional retail areas
  • You try to find the right market partners for you in foreign markets
  • more information