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New trends and customer expectations require intensive counseling and a well- adjusted methodology.
Market information is the basis for any strategic action. Yet, in spite of all the information provided, it is not always easy to choose the right course of action.
Our consulting expertise for after sales business:
  • Future orientated strategies and concepts
  • After market entrance strategies
  • Very good contacts to the market players
  • Sales steering tools


From market information to strategy
We support you

Price analysis and optimization

price and margin income analysis and optimization Find your ideal margin income for your parts portfolio with our price analyzing tools.

Potential analysis

Automotive-PotenzialanalysenPotential analysis, options for planning and realization specialized on companies in the automotive aftermarket sector.

Strategy Workshops

Strategy WorkshopScenario-workshops for the development of future-oriented and individual strategies.

Development of new markets

market-entrance-strategiesGrowth and development of markets through product and regional extension. We support you with knowledge and good contacts.