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B2C online sales on the aftermarket – a direct way to the car driver – may be a good way for you to develop new target groups. Targeted routing of drivers to preferred workshops is one of the key advantages of online sales.

Avoid typical beginners‘ mistakes! This model of sales requires pre-investment and must be managed with an identical degree of professionals as traditional sales.
Most frequently asked questions:

  • Which products can I sell online?
  • Do I need a second brand?
  • How should the web shop be structured?
  • How can I avoid a cannibalization of my price policy and my traditional offline business?
  • How can I generate traffic to my web shop?
  • What is the role of e-bay, Autoscout etc. and how can I use these platforms?

These are question about issues which may be clearly answered by wolk after sales experts together with our cooperation partner Speed4Trade. For nothing counts more than lived practice.

The basis is provided by a number of installations in various market segments, such as tires, accessories, used parts, new parts, service stations. We also analyze drivers’ approaches and behaviors with regard to aftermarket online business.

Be sure to get the best launch for your online business and arrange an appointment for a half-day online workshop, please call us.
Before the appointment, brief us about your objectives and EDP resources. We will present to you various solutions and practical examples. You will be provided with valuable proposals on how to reconcile your offline and online businesses, and how to avoid classical beginners’ errors.

+49 2204/842534