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Individuelle Marktforschung

Wolk after sales is one of the leading automotive aftermarket experts for the european after sales market.
We conduct individual Marketresearch for the automotive after sales industry with a wide variety of different methods and approaches.
Our aftermarket expert team has extensive experience in customer questionnaires, data research and analysis of the collected market data.

Avoid improper data collection and time-consuming questionnaire design.

We can help.

Automotive aftermarket research and industry trends

Automotive Aftermarket Research

What you need for your decision making processes are confirmed facts and trends. There is not enough time or funds for extensive field research.

You need information about:
  • market volumes of individual products
  • sales and distribution
  • prices / margins
  • individual market participants
With detailed data basis, long-term industry experience and a research network composed of industry experts, wolk after sales experts are able to conduct reliable studies, comparisons and assessments of product markets at an attractive price-to-service rate.

Feel free to enquire whether specific information is available or when it could be researched.
Should some information be unavailable within a short time, we will inform you of such circumstance after a preliminary research.

Customer questionnaire

Customer Surveys

You wish to measure your customers’ preferences and expectations toward your company in comparison with your competitors?

You need price comparisons?

Or perhaps you wish to survey new trends?

Wolk after sales experts bring to you approaches and methods adjusted to your individual questions.

Our portfolio includes:
  • web-supported research methods
  • telephone survey
  • mystery shopping
  • interviews with experts or
  • group discussions.
wolk after sales experts are supported in these services by a network of field work specialists.


European after sales research monitor

If you need direct insights into garages (auto repair shops) to know how your products are used by the mechanics we can give answers with our after sales monitor. 

Ask directly the auto mechanics how they rate and evaluate the brands of certain automotive products.

Due to our knowledge about the European aftermarket structure we can specify the best samples of the needed target group.

We can specify by garage type (IAM / OEM) car brands, garage concept affiliation, garage specialization.

Find more information about our European after sales research monitor.

Automotive Company Profiles

Automotive Company Profiles

You wish to develop new markets and therefore you need information on the major automotive aftermarket players, buying cooperatives, wholesale distributors and workshop chains.

Wolk after sales experts have this automotive company profiles ready for you and may provide you with a detailed preview of 3-5 pages at a time as pre-info for the first contact.

For Germany, we have developed company profiles of 60 major distributors on the independent aftermarket, and a workshop address database with over 100 systems from the service stations, accident repair, tire, auto glass, smart repair and specialized markets.

For Europe, we have summary profiles of more than 250 major trade and workshop partners, ordered by land, including the number of outlets, and in many cases also turnover and headcount information.
wish to develop new markets and therefore you need information on the major market players, buying cooperatives, wholesale distributors and workshop chains.