Gaudí joins Groupauto Unión Ibérica

Groupauto Unión Ibérica  (GAUIb)  restructures in Catalonia after the bankruptcy of Establishments Coll and the purchase of Euma by AD Marina and AD Bosch, partners of AD Parts. The group led by Juan Carlos Pérez Castellanos has just officially announced this agreement, although it will not become effective until January 1, 2021, when Gaudí disassociates himself from CGA.

What has been speeded up is the formalization of Gaudí’s relationship with the GAUIb workshop networks (Euro Taller, Top Truck and Intertaller). The objective is, according to both parties, to promote the registration of workshops in their geographical area of ​​action, mainly in Catalonia and Andorra.

Recambios Gaudí has ​​a logistics structure made up of 13 delegations, to which two new points of sale in Puigcerdá and Calonge will be added before the end of the year . It also has 10 franchised stores and three investee stores. Its warehouse has more than 160,000 references in stock and the capacity to supply uniformly in Catalonia, Zaragoza, Valencia and Andorra.

For GAUIb, the incorporation of Recambios Gaudí “is in tune with the reorganization of the company’s processes and the launch of innovative technology-based projects unprecedented in the sector”. The objective, according to the group, is “to deepen in the strategy of continuous increase of the concrete values ​​that GAUIb contributes to partners, clients and suppliers, contributing decisively to make visible and capture the business opportunities of the automotive aftermarket to come, that of the era of new mobility”.

Posventa 14.10.2020