Autobandenpartner is the new garage concept from parts distributor Fource, Netherlands. The concept is intended to enable Fource’s customers to provide better tire services.

The concept stems from the enormous diversity that has emerged in the tire market over the past ten years. Fource is convinced that the market needs support in order to operate in this increasingly complex tire market.

All garages that join Autobandenpartner will soon be easy to find for their customers via the website.

The technical support includes various tire training courses, provided by Automotive Academy, support with TPMS maintenance, balancing and alignment. The marketing support includes POS materials, tire labels, checklists, two door-to-door papers per year. The garage does not need to make any additional investment for this, but it does need to achieve its target. The garage owner saves for a marketing pot for each tire sold, from which he pays for the marketing support. The more tires per mechanic are sold, the higher the contribution.

Aftersales Magazine 24.09.2020