Gaudí buy Auto Recanvis Joan

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Recambios Gaudí has bought the Serca partner Auto Recanvis Joan (ARJ). Its general director Antonio Tejada has confirmed it to AUTOPOS. 

He has done so through an agreement whereby the CGA partner takes over all the assets of the hitherto Serca partner and integrates his workers into his ranks, moving these to work for Gaudí (and this includes the owner and manager of ARJ Federico Lorente Sánchez). In this way, the distributor acquires the Auto Recanvis Joan client portfolio and increases its presence in the Vallés Oriental.

In short, Gaudí repeats the operation he carried out in November 2019, when bought Jumper Autorecambios and integrated ten employees, but with a slight difference: this time they will not add a new point of sale to their structure on the occasion of the purchase.

Autopos 03.02.2020