TEMOT International and Grupo Recalvi bundle forces in Spain

Grupo Recalvi joins Temot

Another leading distributor from Spain has become part of TEMOT International’s network.
The international trading group has welcomed Grupo Recalvi, a leading parts dealer on the Iberian Peninsula with 39 regional outlets in Spain and Portugal.

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Since its founding in 1984, Grupo Recalvi has been a family-run enterprise specialized in
automotive spare parts. It is headquartered in Vigo, the largest city in the autonomous community of Galicia, Spain. Today, with the second generation at the helm, it employs more than 400 people, running a head office and logistics centers with 50,000 square meters of storage space in Vigo as well as numerous branches in the country, e.g. in Madrid, Malaga, Santiago, and Valencia.

Grupo Recalvi

The company is a full-range supplier for automotive spare parts, accessories, machinery, tools, painting, tires, lubricants, diagnosis, electromechanics and more. It runs a two-brand strategy.
Under its brand RecAuto, it offers spares from leading international Aftermarket brands like TRW, KYB, Hella, Mann Filter, NGK/NTK or Continental. At the same time, it sells original spare parts under the label Recalvi Origin and has grown to become the largest domestic supplier of original spares for European automobiles, e.g. for cars from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Land Rover.

Furthermore, the Group includes the subsidiary Recalvi Color, which specializes in the area of sheet metal and paint as well as in the respective machinery. Recalvi Motor, another affiliate, represents a number of wholesale part centers with a particular focus on engine technology. Finally, with RecOfficial Service, the Group even has its own workshop concept in place.

Temot 23.01.2020